A unique collaboration has just begun – fantastic events are on the rise!

For the past seven years, another non-profit, collective action team from the area traversed its own, parallel, journey, culminating in “Festivart” a remarkable public art event in the Corinthian seaside town of Loutraki.

For the first time this year, the Xilokastro based Ziria Festival team will join forces with Loutraki’s Festivart to create something even greater, something unique, that will take Ziria Festival and Festivart even higher!

On July 13th at Loutraki’s Park “Dexameni”, we’ll witness this super-team’s debut act. A mini “Ziria Festival” in Loutraki.

A huge open concert, a celebration of love and unity, with two exceptional bands that know how to party, spread good vibes and get the groove on.

Reggae, funk, hip hop and afro-beat with

Gobey &P-Gial full band

Yinka and the Fuzics

And the urban beats of Hammond Classics on the decks.

A night to remember for all the right reasons!

Concert organized by Ziria Festival. Free entrance for all.

And after the fantastic first act on the Corinthian Gulf, we’ll anticipate the second act on the mountain, at Ziria Festival where Festivart will astound us with art installations and artistic interventions that will open new horizons for our Festival.

Excerpt from Festivart that peaks our anticipation J

“Festivart and TILT invent ways to climb Alpine Corinth. Artistic and technological games in step with music, light and the stars. Beginning this year, we’ll share audiences and experiences alongside our fellow traveller, Ziria Music Festival.”

We thank Festivart and its amazing people! Such collaborations enrich Corinth’s cultural present, and inspire and vitalize us for even more actions.

We look forward to seeing you all, in Loutraki and Ziria!

Until then, stay tuned!