A unique collaboration has just begun – fantastic events are on the rise! For the past seven years, another non-profit, collective action team from the area traversed its own, parallel, journey, culminating in “Festivart” a remarkable public art event in the Corinthian seaside town of Loutraki. For the first time this year, the Xilokastro based […]

Inside the cave!

A tour of the beautiful cave, where, according to myth, Hermes was born, organized by the Hellenic Speleological & Exploration Club (SPELEO) especially for the duration of the festival! Saturday, August 31st at 10:00. The Hellenic Speleological & Exploration Club (SPELEO) experienced team will coordinate a secure descent into the singular cave of Hermes, free […]

At the summit

When we first programmed this activity last year, we never imagined that 70 people would join us! This year we hope to break the record on our second expedition to Ziria’s highest peak at 2375m, the absolute hiking experience. “Conquering” the mountain is a unique achievement, especially for those who haven’t undertaken similar challenges. Saturday […]

In the forest!

A hike through the amazing forest of Flampouritsa Gorge, led by Kyllinios Adonis, a local environmental society dedicated to its preservation. Friday, 30/08, departure at 9:00 from the chalet. What a better way to discover the divine land that is our host, its beauty but also its needs? The Kyllinios Adonis Society guides us on […]