Είναι ξεχωριστοί και σαν μουσικοί αλλά και σαν άνθρωποι και θα καταθέσουν τη εκρηκτική τους ενέργεια παίζοντας αυτό το φανταστικό μουσικό είδος που εκείνοι δημιούργησαν!

Φωτιά και λαύρα στη Ζήρεια, ένα live εμπειρία, χαμός με νόημα και αιτία!

Balothizer @ Ziria Music Festival 2019

Αν όχι στη Ζήρεια, που?



Balothizer are an Electric Power
Trio formed on the streets of Haringey, North London. Being among the most culturally diverse places in the world, Haringey is buzzing with exciting new bands that have formed across cultural and ethnic boundaries. Balothizer is one of these bands….
The project was the brainchild of Bassist & Percussionist Pavlos Mavromatakis (Electric Litany, The Turbans) and Lute Player & Guitarist Nikos Ziarkas (Valia Calda). The concept was to bring the traditional music and poetry of Crete and breathe into it a
modern and powerful heaviness, creating an edgy and ethereal new sound……. Cretan Punk.
Having been active in the Cretan Folk scene for years, Pavlos & Nikos enlisted the skills of Stephen J Payne (Jools Holland,Jose Feliciano, Future Sound Cartel) a London born multi-instrumentalist with a deep background of world music & Western styles, to bring the power necessary for this exciting new genre.
With the line-up now complete Balothizer embarked on a series of high-powered shows, tours and festival dates across Europe, delivering their unique sound with an energy and ferociousness that has built them a strong and loyal following A following who together with the band came up with the tagline that now defines this unique and powerful genre of music……
Cretan Music from Hell